HP Pagewide & Designjet

HP’s wide format Designjet line of CAD, color graphics, and multifunction printers are a mainstay in leading architectural, engineering, construction, manufacturing and general business environments. With models and configurations available to meet most volume and capability requirements, they handle both monochrome and color documents with precision and ease.

As an authorized HP dealer, River City Reproductions is able to offer you flexible pricing options to meet most any budget.

Color CAD Printers & MFPs

These inkjet printing and MFP systems are geared to the technical document needs of the AEC market. The technical Designjets offer ease of use, file sharing productivity features, and accurate reproduction of monochrome and color CAD drawings, renderings, and GIS maps.

ModelSpeedMax WidthColorsTypeBrochure (pdf)
T730 2 D's 36" 4 Printer Learn More
T790 2 D's 24" 6 Printer Learn More
T795 2 D's 44" 6 Printer Learn More
T830 2 D's 36" 4 MFP Learn More
T930 2 D's 36" 6 Printer Learn More
T1530 3 D's 36" 6 Printer Learn More
T2530 3 D's 36" 6 MFP Learn More
T3500 3 D's 36" 6 MFP Learn More
T7200 4 D's 42" 6 Printer Learn More
PageWide XL 4000 8 D's 40" 4 Printer/MFP LearnMore
PageWide XL 4500 12 D's 40" 4 Printer/MFP Learn More
New XL 5100  20 D's  40" 4 Printer/MFP Learn More 
New XL 6000 24 D's 40" 4 Printer/MFP Learn More
PageWide XL 8000  30 D's  40" Printer/MFP  Learn More

Color Graphics Printers

The HP color graphics Designjet models are optimized for full color output commonly required by designers and corporate marketing departments. These graphic arts printers can handle a wide variety of media and, because of their additional ink colors, can accurately reproduce rich color graphics.

Have a question? Contact our equipment specialists to learn which models will best meet your requirements.

ModelSpeedMax WidthColorsTypeBrochure (pdf)
Z5200 1.25 D's 44" 8 Printer Learn More
Z5600 1.25 D's 44" 6 Printer Learn More
Z6600 3.2 D's 60" 6 Printer Learn More
Z6800 3.2 D's 60" 8 Printer Learn More
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